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В случае, если вы пропустили сию новость, то Иван будет играть в третьем сезоне Игры Престолов.
Далее без перевода, прошу простить, копипаст с жж:

Misfits alum Iwan Rheon appears to have been cast in season three of Game of Thrones. A photo posted on Facebook of Iwan Rheon hanging out in a Belfast bar with some of the cast was the first clue. Ours is the Fury did some digging and turned up Rheon’s CV on his agency’s official site. The CV has him listed as being cast in the role of “Boy”. Given his age and looks, I am willing to bet that he will be playing Ramsay Snow, the bastard of Roose Bolton. The Bastard of Bolton was mentioned a few times last season, but never shown. He was sent by Robb Stark and Roose to reclaim Winterfell from Theon Greyjoy.

We have reached out to HBO for official confirmation as well as a possible clarification of the role of “Boy”.

UPDATE: According to this tumblr blogger, she was on set a few days ago and watched a scene involving Iwan Rheon [...] most importantly, it confirms that Rheon’s character of “Boy” is indeed Ramsay Snow, based on the character’s action in that scene.

Winter Is Coming: Assuming Rheon is our Ramsay, I am very excited about this casting. He was my favorite of the four we put forth for the role a while back. Either way, it seems certain Rheon has joined the cast, so, welcome Iwan!
He apparently will be in at least six episodes in season three.



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2012-07-24 в 14:52 

Crazy Joker
Хорошие девочки попадают в рай, плохие куда захотят...
И если слухи о его роли верны, то он будет играть невообразимого садиста

2012-07-24 в 15:12 

Правило № 408: Всегда нужно тратить время впустую, особенно когда его нет. Время тебе не указ!
Замечательная новость))))

2013-01-23 в 13:08 

Эльфаба Тропп
Вот именно потому, что мне интересно, как Иван сыграет невыносимого ублюдка-я буду смотреть 3ий сезон Игры Престолов. А ведь не собиралась =(